By Donation Yoga in Vancouver for US Visitors

Are you visiting from the US or another country this summer and want to catch up on your downward dog? We may have the perfect Yoga Vancouver Studio for you. There are plenty of Yoga Studios in downtown Vancouver, but many of them only offer a drop in fee, or a monthly fee for all yoga classes.

We happened to find a really cool, and very hip studio located in the heart of downtown Vancouver called Karma Teachers. In fact, they offer By Donation and free Yoga in Vancouver and are prepared to fully take you in a non-judgemental way, even if you can only offer a few dollars in exchange for a class.

Often times, Yoga studios in British Columbia have a difficult time offering this style of payment, and understandably so – heck the rent in Vancouver is one of the highest in Canada, and landlords really do behave like Lords!

Yoga Business is already very hard competitive space, so adding further pressures in this expensive city makes it very unreachable for someone who is travelling. Some studios will charge up to $25 per drop in!

Donate what you can, get the Yoga Class you deserve.

Karma Teachers is a non profit Yoga Studio in Vancouver that also provides scholarships to train aspiring Yoga Teachers in Vancouver. Their vision is that the practice should be accessible to all who aspire to learn. Also, the vision includes that Yoga is primarily focussed on healing the mind and the nervous system, and much more than just a physical form of exercise, simply for the benefit of the body.

With this vision in mind, they carry the 8 limbs of Yoga and the Five Yamas always in mind:

The 5 Yamas of Yoga

Ahimsa: nonviolence
While this seems quite straightforward, Karma Teachers goes beyond the usual business of Yoga and really incorporates the heart of non violence. Once you step into the studio you will see that it is a leave no trace space, and also offers Yoga to all walks of life without discrimination.

Satya: truthfulness
Walk in any day in this studio and you will find a level of authenticity and accountability to every facet of how they run their studio, from engaging teachers who practice daily and truly know Yoga from its original root, to the friendly front desk staff who also embody the same philosophy of Yoga fully preserved.

Asteya: nonstealing
Classes are always on time and never go over the space allotted. This respectfully engages each student and never steals time from their busy schedules.

Brahmacharya: continence
Karma is a completely safe space for practising – even if you come from a trauma background. You will find that Karma Teachers has permission cards for each and every Yoga Session and teachers only come close if you have the cards flipped to “OK,” implying you are OK for them to do any adjustments or come near you. Otherwise, simply flip the card to “No” and they will respect your space and privacy.

Aparigraha: noncovetousness
Well, as the name suggest, KT is a non profit organization. Here you will find refuge in knowing that this studio is run for the people, by the people.

Free Outdoor Yoga Classes in Vancouver

Don’t fee like being in a studio? We got you covered! Check out Matt Collective Yoga classes as well. They offer a bundle of classes almost on a daily schedule in parks and beaches across the Lower Mainland including East Vancouver and North Vancouver Yoga classes.

You may also choose to do an outdoor Vancouver yoga session at Matt Collective this summer

Why practise Yoga at all?

Yoga is a very ancient form of connection to the self. The true self. It concerns itself with forming a union with your inner self and guides, that gut feeling we can sometimes forget to pay attention to. In ancient times, this practice was well remembered, and in many ways, it is thought that human evolution depended on such practices to tap into Universal Wisdom.

It is thought that we can tap into this inner wisdom, courage and compassion at any time. It is simply forgotten. City life takes a toll on us all and with busy hurried life, we at times, even though we have great intentions, can fall into traps such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, amongst many other ailments that cause suffering in today’s society.

In no other times have we been more affluent materially than now. We live like Queens and Kings! The world is becoming a safer place, with many reports arising showing a decrease in wars, a decrease in violence around the world, and poverty levels decreasing (albeit slow). Yet, we still fail to be able to come up with solutions to modern problems such as global warming.

So what is going on? It is said that the mind is the portal to thought, but the heart is the portal to human consciousness and bliss. One of Yoga’s concerns is to allow us to live at ease, and in fact, to be at ease and blissful is really our natural states.

Yoga has been recently scientifically proven to reduce ailments such as depression, anxiety and much more than meets the eye initially. But what is at play here is also something much more important. In fact, our future may depend on it.

When we can collectively heal these ailments that plague human modern society, we may have more space to use our consciousness to solve some of the world’s most important problems. Let’s go to class?

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