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124 Aberdeen Dr.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
voice - (760) 436-0431
fax - (760) 753-0144

A Taste of Cardiff
Thursday May 7th, 2015
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 Welcome To Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. Community, Business, Real Estate and more.

All Rights Reserved - Copyright Jim ClarkCardiff by sea is a community found in the city of Encinitas, 95 miles to the south of Los Angeles and 25 miles North of San Diego. The name Cardiff was derived from Wales. The community was founded by famous developer J. Frank Cullen whose wife was a Wales native. It was named in honor of Cullen's wife but many of its streets were given English names. The last bit "by the sea" was added much later by a German musician who also happened to be a community developer.

Among the most beautiful of natural scenery is a walkable beach and lagoon. The proximity to commercial services, educational material and recreational facilities is just perfect as the community is equipped with classic restaurants, libraries, a post office and a market all within a walking distance.

Beach side dining is a wonderful experience at Cardiff by the sea. Restaurant Row offers a wide range of delicacies with Italian, Mexican, and California foods available. Sea food is the common choice for most and is given more emphasis. Our Cardiff by the sea real estate is dazzling offering a lot of lifestyle choice.


For lovers of camping, the san Elijo beach Campground offers some of the best campsites along the beach. Also available is a beach parking service during the day and a lifeguard service.

Other recreational facilities in the community includes the glen park. It provides basketball and tennis courts, picnic tables and some additional space for a children play area. Soccer and baseball fans can choose to use one of the multiple fields available at the Cardiff Sports Park.

At the entrance of San Elijo Lagoon lies one surf hotspot, the Cardiff Reef. It is situated alongside the historic Highway 101 and offers a fair view of the breaking sea waves where different surfers display their diverse skills. Bordering the downtown area is the Carpentier parkway, a community volunteer project.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea offers so much unique and wonderful features, one cannot get enough. The nature is unbelievable, the climate is moderate and welcoming. It has a coastline 2 miles long along the pacific, to the south a 900 acre Elijo Lagoon and an outstanding surfing environment.

Do not hesitate to come and experience the beauty of the people and businesses at Cardiff by the sea. Members include sports clubs, restaurants, real estate agenciesin Cardiff and construction firms.

For those moving to Cardiff by the sea and seeking help to settle, there is no need for worry. We have to your aid various real estate agents and financial institutions that can help you as you seek to find the perfect home. Contact us for more information or any help you may need.

Build Business Connections Through our Chamber of Commerce!

We offer real one on one business connections to local Cardiff by the sea businesses. Your connections are important and networking is the name of the game: with us you will link up to all major players in the sector and forge new relationships ongoing. Our connections are for well researched genuine and dynamic links which will help you succeed in our community.

We provide a networking platform through information meetings, get togethers and more formal presentations that take place on a monthly basis. By enlisting your businesses here with us will get an optimum time to expose your services and products to the right people in our community. .

San Diego's Cleantech Future:
Technologies Driving 2016

What lies ahead for the San Diego region's cleantech industry? What are the most important trends to watch for and act upon? What opportunities will our industry meet and what challenges will it face?
Find out at the next San Diego's Cleantech Future 2016!

Representatives from the solar, energy storage, alternative transportation, and energy efficiency sectors will provide their perspectives and give insight into the future of our regional cleantech industry.


Attend our Home Buyer Seminar!

Buying a home for the first time in Cardiff? We partnered with - a Canadian real estate company based out of Vancouver BC and they are putting on a real estate first time buyer seminars from the experience they bring for folks who want to buy their first homes in Vancouver in a multiple offer siuation. The seminars covers a variety of tips and do and donts: including tips for condo buyers and home buyers, including deposits, financing, title certificate, and many others for the success of your home purchase. For instance, did you know that the First Time Home Buyers' Program minimizes or removes the quantity of property transfer tax you have to pay when you buy the first home? In the event you are entitled to the program, you might benefit from a whole lot of tax dollars. In case you owned a 60% interest in the home, 60% of the amount of taxes could be entitled to the exemption. 

Benefits of using a Vancouver real estate firm to help us

The Vancouver real estate agency is a veteran at multiple offer situations which are currently in high frequency in west coast Canada. This will help us ensure we can help our members ensure they can buy their first house, condo or apartment.

Do I Qualify? To be eligible for a complete exemption, at that time the home is listed you have to:

  • be an American resident or perhaps permanent resident living in California for 12 straight months prior
  • have submitted at least 2 tax returns as being a US citizen within the last 6 months
  • years haven't acquired an interest in a primary residence in other states

If you are thinking of buying a reasonable market priced home below $425,000 this seminar may be for you:

Buying a home in Cardiff for the first time may be nervewracking

This is especially in the beginning especially since it involves a balance of many requirements such as the family size, lifestyle, location and income. Below are a preview of what our Seminar will contain:

Realtors can provide the best advice and help due to their experience and knowledge. Owning a home comes with any tangible, financial as well as tax benefits besides the sense of belonging and pride of ownership. Here are some real estate tips for first time home buyers that will help make home ownership a joyful reality for the whole family.

1. Do a thorough research.
This will depend on the Cardiff property you intend to buy, the locality, amenities including the property trends in that area. This is especially true, even if you are doing a small purchase like a Cardiff condo for sale. First, it is important to understand exactly what you need in a new Cardiff home. The number of bedrooms, proximity to schools and shopping centers or whether you plan to have more kids in future are some of the factors to consider. Your home of choice should suit all your needs which may be future-oriented or immediate, but they should certainly be clear. If you have children, it is important to look out for educational, extramural as well as recreational facilities that should at least be within a short radius of the new home. Understanding property energy consumption needs is also key.

2. Enlist the services of Cardiff Realtor
Buying a home is a huge financial decision hence professional advise and assistance along the way will help a great deal. As much as you can get a lot of useful information from online sources, that does not necessarily equate to market experience. Experienced realtors know what to look for and the questions to ask. They can easily access valuable pricing information and work with a seasoned team of attorneys, lenders and home inspectors. Your agent works more like a consultant as opposed to a salesperson with a role to facilitate and lookout for your interests as well as keep you informed.

3. Put your finances in order
This also involves getting pre-approval from lenders. Organizing your finances helps you determine how much money you can spend and will also help you establish how much you can be able to repay every month. Taking advantage of a full amount offered by the bank can be tempting but you should also consider the transfer cost and some other home expenses such as utilities, moving costs, minor home improvements as well as furniture. Ensure that your credit rating is good as this may be the difference between getting approval from your bank or not Your credit is a key factor in determining whether a mortgage loan will be approved or not and it will also be used to determine the loan terms and the interest rate.

4. Consider the closing costs
You will also need to budget for the closing costs or the money paid in order to close your mortgage which may generally run between 2 to 5 percent of the loan amount. Be sure to compare prices for closing expenses such as title searches, home inspections and homeowners insurance. While it is not easy to find a home that is perfect in all ways, you should be prepared to compromise and tolerate some areas that you may not like until you renovate.

Before you attend the seminar take notes:

Join us at Business event Startup Socials in San Diego

Startup Socials is a great way to get your juices flowing for those of you who could use a boost of ideas and flow into your new start up or existing business! We are setting up a great local connection to new ideas whether tech innovation to current brick and mortar stores! Everything will be covered, as to how to acquire your online real estate to actual business processes! Join us!

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